After receiving her BA in MIS at the Bauer School of Business and studying Architecture at the Herald Hines School of Architecture in Houston Ksenia Kozhenkova decided to redirect her focus back to her roots. Born in Russia, Ksenia came from parents who carry art and music in their blood. At a very early age Kozhenkova saw the world with different eyes. She studied arts and architecture during her high school years and her creative skills were highly noticeable among many other students. She developed lots of her skills while studying at Vladimir Central Art School. For her, painting started in a very intuitive way, she knew she was not like most people and she was able to notice it soon. Her view about the world expanded and her understanding of life communicated through her painting.

Her skills in music also started playing an important role in her work, she understood that with music she could grasp onto details and the essence of time. Soon, Kozhenkova would move to the U.S. and this change will help her see herself and start a search for the inner self, she started to find a higher meaning to things. Painting for her become closer to a need, her painting would talk to her in search of higher purpose and a true meaning of life. Today, Ksenia Kozhenkova’s work brings in a different understanding of the physical world, she has undergone through a complex philosophical journey in order to create her current paintings. These paintings breathe life and communicate in other languages. Kozhenkova lives her painting and her painting exist as constant reminder of this true energy, an energy that bounds all together, an energy that can be described as true feeling of love.

© 2019 Ksenia Kozhenkova